Reliability Services in Manufacturing Industries

It is said that the vibrational curves prove the reliability of rotating equipment. A targeted service empowers the plant officials to build an efficient maintenance strategy by evaluating key parameters like plant size, equipment weathering, the complexity of processes, criticality of functioning, expenses incurred, safety of the industrial assets, etc. Reliability Service.

Reliability Services in Manufacturing Industries

Reliability or Credibility Services provide profound insights into the health of the manufacturing investments, strengthen the quality, enhance labour productivity and reduce unplanned downtime. This helpline is used to understand and confirm that the machines can meet specific operational standards in complying with correct throughput for the desired period.

According to the recent survey by the Malardalen University of Sweden, Downtime cost and Reduction analysis, a 24 X 7 processing plant, accounts for an estimated downtime cost of 23.9% from the total manufacturing cost and 13.3% from planned production time. As Reliability Services optimize these costs, it becomes an integral part of Maintenance Management. Reliability Services comprise of:

  • Measurement – Determine the KPI of the plant by indicating how well it performs in terms of meeting the targeted production goals. Durability – Coherence to be applied to diversified applications. 
  • Fault tolerance – Predict the collateral damage and help in planning to cope with the downtime. 
  • Availability – Boost the uptime of the equipment by preventing unexpected breakdown. 
  • Performance – Use the domain expertise, study it and eliminate the risks.  
  • Calculation – Set a standard with accurate estimates of the wellness of the plant.
  • Accuracy – Maintain precision and consistency in data collection.
  • Assessment – Analyze the streamlined data and recommend remedial actions.

Though reliability is the mantra for all the manufacturing plants, and reliable service is its sutra, the role of Reliability service changes with every industry. For the telecom industry, reliability service is the guaranteed delivery of a message. For the medical industry, reliability is minimized by the skilled workforce and maximum adaption to cost-effective tools. 

The global machine condition monitoring market size is projected to grow from USD 2.6 billion in 2021 to USD 3.6 billion by 2026, and only 7.5% of the market provides reliability services. These services include lubrication and greasing, balancing, chemical cleaning, high-velocity oil flushing, fueling, thermography, energy monitoring and auditing, flow analysis, oil purification, big data analysis, overhauling of devices, hydro blasting, installation of data loggers, erecting fans/blowers, root cause analysis, calculating the OEE, remote monitoring of sensitive equipment, Integration of existing systems with MIS, ERP, PLC/SCADA etc., deploying sensors to monitor electrical and mechanical parameters of the machine, commissioning vibration monitoring systems, etc. A reliability service packaged with diagnostics offers high productivity, reduces downtime, cuts maintenance costs, minimizes inventory, increases throughput, and ensures social distancing.

Infinite Uptime’s Chartered Diagnostic service with its patented vibration monitoring system is equipped with IDE vEdge to collect instantaneous data, pattern and analyze it and notify an early diagnosis followed by a corrective action to prevent the unexpected shutdown. With its edge-computing technology and AI-driven prognosis, the compact system serves the expectations of Predictive Maintenance and adds significant value to process plants. 

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