Manufacturing Analytics for a Better Industry

Manufacturing Analytics

We bet it is almost impossible that you haven’t come across an instance where you have heard how “data” plays such an important role in everything, it is through data collection that a business or management has the quality information they need to make informed decisions for further analysis, study, and research. This is precisely what manufacturing analytics is all about.

So is it worth the hype? Well unless going blind in a war, without knowing about the location or the number of troops of the enemy is a part of your victory run, then No, it is not worth. Manufacturing on a large scale is no different than going to war, especially when victory is quality and for this data analytics in manufacturing plays an important role.

To ensure your process does not face any unexpected halts or the machine breakdowns, you use all the possible data that you can. So, how do you get data, and which data is the most relevant? The right data (at the right time) can not only save your machine health but can also continuously monitor it through predictive analytical measures.

Manufacturing Data

Let us make this point clear. If you are reading this blog, it means we know how to reach out to you and that is through Relevant Data. Similarly, Infinite Uptime provides the right data (data analytics in manufacturing) for your machines through tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics. This data is called Mechanical Data and is otherwise not possible to generate.

This is done through IDE or popularly known as Industrial Data Enabler. It is patented hardware that enables predictive analytics in manufacturing from the very 1st second of its installation. It captures mechanical data which was earlier not possible. It is a compactly designed, portable handheld device that accounts for productivity optimization.

Predictive Analytics In Manufacturing

Once the data is captured it is then displayed on the IDAP or Industrial Data Analytics Platform. The IDAP seamlessly collaborates with IDE and does the magic. It is a full-fledged configurable IIoT analytics platform with dashboarding functionality. It covers the entire range of platform solutions including system configuration parameter configuration, and alarm configuration via email and SMS.

Talking about data, it uses pattern recognition technology to annotate your data and provide:

✅ Automated part counting

✅ Downtime characterization

✅ Data-driven productivity targets

✅ Equipment loading condition detection

✅ Setup and production time detection

It is not just hands-on functionality, but in the big picture, it also contributes to Overall Equipment Effectiveness. IDAP provides –

✅ Factory-wide OEE calculation

✅ Supplier OEE calculation

✅ OEE inclusive of all equipment – manufacturing equipment and critical utilities

✅ Identify areas of OEE improvement for 5% Year-on-Year improvement

✅ Gamification of productivity and OEE

With manufacturing analytics in your hands, you are unstoppable.

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