IoT Dashboards and their relevance in Industry 4.0

For any modern manufacturing and engineering industry complying with Industry 4.0, some of the most important requirements in the plant are Streamlined Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Equipment monitoring, etc. The IoT Dashboard is a single platform to connect to all these gurus. The elaborations displayed on the IoT dashboard shifts the Maintenance strategy and is followed by the Production Chiefs, Reliability Managers, IT Heads, and Stakeholders.

IoT Dashboards and their relevance in Industry 4.0

The Research study on Industry 4.0 confirms that approximately 80% of the industries understand the need to monitor their assets remotely and prioritize the details provided through IoT Dashboards. The main purpose of the dashboard is to interface with physical equipment and human users and operators. Such dashboards encourage them to be more efficient with their human assets and realize the value of their industrial assets. An Internet of Things (IoT) dashboard is a visual representation of the insights easily interpretable to the human workforce, can be transmitted by the network and promotes decision-making.

An IoT dashboard facilitates registration and management of assets and locates their position in the plant. Further, a customized dashboard features creating a hierarchy, grouping your assets, categorizing them, managing the devices, delivering updates and notifying unforeseen impressions with guided steps to prevent unplanned breakdown. The hierarchy caters to logical and secure role-based access to equipment monitoring. Thus, the dashboard acts as a business intelligence platform supplemented with its analytics that interests facility management, production line, and Maintenance officials.

An industrial console is an internet-based control panel that provides monitoring grip to your ecosystem by indicating the performance and efficiency of the processes through graphs, charts, tables, dials, spectrum waveforms, etc. Such a console may also be integrated with the existing PLC/SCADA systems to collectively monitor equipment parameters such as vibrations, temperature, load, pressure, voltage, current, acoustics, etc. A user-friendly, interactive dashboard that provides the history of the equipment in the plant plays a significant role by speculating the equipment statistics incorporated in annual reports.

An IoT dashboard that categorizes its functions based on Maintenance, Reliability Services, diagnostic Services, OEE, Process Digitization empowers the plant authorities with a feeling of dedication and ownership. Such digital logbooks are global, promote transparency and safety at the workplace. Such an electronic pane gives the operator a clear sign of danger or action needed in advance and alerts him with alarms. An authorized approach to interpret the insights encourages branding the dashboard with their colours, logos and slogans. Moreover, a mobile version of the dashboard eliminates the need to be tied to a desk computer or laptop and enables remote monitoring.

Infinite Uptime’s IoT dashboard is a perfect combination of a traditional layout with several advanced and automated features to record microscopic observations of equipment in real-time, diagnose its health, and ensure its reliability and availability. The potential to configure the faults, provide live support and schedule customized reports constitute its uniqueness. The Maintenance Index also points to the equipment idle time and the specifics of previous maintenance. Additionally, the Diagnostic Services based on the details visualized in the dashboard ensure higher uptime of the machine.

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