Industrial IoT in Manufacturing Industry.

A Hack Used to Reduce 50% Downtime with the help of Industrial IoT in Manufacturing Industry.

The world has become a more connected place, as IoT (Internet of Things)  moves out of homes and offices to larger spaces like those in factories and manufacturing plants . This evolution is IIoT (Industrial IoT). In the era of industry 4.0, many large corporations have invested in the various applications of IIoT to boost efficiency. In this version of the industry, it is all about creating smart factories with higher reliability and efficiency.

Industrial IoT in Manufacturing Industry

Your manufacturing plant is set and has been functioning for some time now. But, there is a constant need to upgrade your process, so as to increase your efficiency. As you know, the biggest challenge to it is the mechanical breakdown of any machinery and the costly downtime it follows.

The key lies in smart maintenance. If you are a manufacturer you are likely to take the following approaches:

  1. Calendar-Based Maintenance: Periodically examining and fixing problems based on a fixed schedule
  2. Reactive Maintenance: Waiting for things to fail and then fix the problem.
  3. Preventive maintenance: Wherein measure are taken beforehand so that the chances of breakdown are minimised.

However, chances of mechanical breakdown still do remain since they are non-periodic in nature with high variability and this drives the need for a better process.

Almost all of the biggest manufacturing plants across the world have shifted to predictive maintenance.

A large valve manufacturer in Tokyo achieved 50% lower breakdown with FFT and predictive analysis. Now that is an impressive statistic, and this is how it was done –

  • Identification of faulty equipment by acoustic, temperature and vibration monitoring of pumps and motors.
  • Prediction of misalignment, looseness, shaft eccentricity, and wear out through high frequency vibrations analysis.

Another example is in the field of OEE. Moving from preventive maintenance to predictive and proactive maintenance can reduce breakdown by 90% and improve OEE to record levels, by –

  • Identification of hidden losses by studying the production characteristics of a machine and addressing the hidden losses due to mechanical breakdown through mechanical predictive analytics
  • Reduction in breakdown percentage from 18% to 0.8% within 6 months boosted the OEE of a large forging company by 10%

Mechanical predictive maintenance is a value-added service delivered for the first time in India through edge computing and smart hardware, by Infinite Uptime. It is a unique IIoT platform which offers patented mechanical predictive analytics and is recognized amongst the top 25 IoT solution provider globally.

The IDE, by Infinite Uptime, is the perfect smart device for Industrial Internet of Things in the manufacturing industry. IDE – Industrial Data Enabler, is a solution that can digitize any machine within a minute by magnetically attaching to it. It enhances productivity and automates predictive maintenance in your plant right from the moment it is installed. Through IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), it detects anomalies and defects in real time through on-board LED indicators and warns an operator immediately.

It is possible to enable predictive maintenance in any manufacturing plant to effectively reduce the downtime and boost overall efficiency, through the IDE. It is simply “Plug and Play”. IIoT has enabled predictive maintenance in manufacturing plants.

You’ve always imagined running your company with full efficiency and Zero Downtime. Make it a reality with Infinite Uptime.




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