5 Key IIoT Trends of 2019 (Latest)

Here is an interesting fact, Harley Davidson reduced its build-to-order cycle by a factor of 36 and grew overall profitability from 3% to 4% by shifting production to a fully IoT-enabled plant according to Capgemini. IoT reach and implementation in this year have been quite monumental. Here are the latest IIoT trends of 2019.

IIoT Trends

But 2018 is shining its last light. This iconic year saw a ton of IoT trends go live in action and with the overwhelming success rate, it promises more in the upcoming year. This year we saw Amazon sweep us off our feet with the Introduction of Alexa.

Smart homes got a huge boost with the introduction of a number of innovative players in the industry. But what about the industrial space you may ask?

Well, it has achieved its milestones too. Now looking forward to 2019 we have a wide spectrum of interesting prospectives to look at.

Emerging IIoT Trends of 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) market was worth USD 2.99 Trillion in 2014 promising growth with the requirement for internet connectivity worldwide coupled with technological advancements. The emergence of start-ups in different industries to satisfy the growing need of consumers is anticipated to result in increasing venture capital investments. The startups will really be constituting to the increase in the IIoT application.

Here are a few areas we expect IoT to escalate to a new level

1. IoT Security will be put at the forefront

Adoption of IoT has increased multifold as more and more devices get connected each day. As the reach increases, it begs for a bigger question, what about the security? the network expands, data volumes increase and more information is at danger. The increased connectivity

IoT Connectivity

As adoption increases, more and more devices get connected to the Internet of Things. The network expands, volumes of data increase and more information is at risk. Increased use of IoT must be accompanied by the increased impetus of IoT security. With vital data floating about in the cloud, safeguarding the information is more important than ever.

As of now, not all IoT devices come equipped with the kind of security features laptops and PCs are equipped with. In the coming year, that will have to change. Machine wise authentication will get layered, biometric logins will become a norm and AI, Machine Learning and Big Data techniques will be used to identify and prevent data breaches.

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report April 2017 has identified weak passwords as the main reason behind IoT malfunction. 2018 will see both manufacturers, as well as consumers, getting more aware of their IoT security and proactively taking steps to tackle it.

2. Computing will find a new edge

Edge Computing

Devices will become more and more powerful enabling local data processing and AI capabilities. It will reduce data transfers volumes and cloud dependencies and will provide more flexibility and agility for business. Edge computing will be very useful, and therefore significantly impact industries that require complex real-time data analysis (manufacturing, public security) and where cloud connectivity may be restricted (shipping and logistics).

3. More Smart Devices coming your way

Smart Devices

With Alexa opening the floodgate to smart devices and leading the IIoT trends of 2019, we expect a lot more to come. Following the trend across industries, smart devices will become decisively more popular. There will be a sharp rise in smart devices in a wide range of areas including manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, transportation and hospitality.

4. Introduction to the Next Generation


5G networks, already one of the most anticipated technology trends in the industry—will usher in a new era for IoT. With the 5G support, the increasingly interconnected world will drive IoT innovation further. It will allow gathering, managing, and analyzing data almost in real-time. 5G will also broaden the IoT market into areas where time and bandwidth speed are of utmost importance, unlocking new potential.

5. A Smart way to Maintain

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance has always been an issue in many manufacturing industries. Though smart factories now have smart equipment that tremendously help in boosting the capacity, the need for machine health monitoring is still at large. New startups with revolutionary patented predictive maintenance tech promise to bridge the gap.

By the numbers

IIoT Facts

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The IIoT trends of 2019 are quite promising.

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