What is an Industrial Diagnostic Service

Industrial Diagnostic Service is a very niche capability that ensures efficient operation of equipment, safeguards human assets from operational hazards, and empowers a manufacturing process owner with apt insights into the equipment. A Diagnostic Service complimented with a Condition Monitoring System for Predictive Maintenance improves the availability and reliability of the equipment in the plant, thus combating major drawbacks of Preventive Maintenance.

What is an Industrial Diagnostic Service
Recent Analysis suggests that the market for Predictive Maintenance applications is poised to grow from $2.2B in 2017 to $10.9B by 2022, a 39% annual growth rate. The word diagnosis sounds better than downtime and the best if the diagnostics are automated. Unfortunately, the word diagnosis is often neglected and overlooked in a manufacturing plant where the entire focus is on fulfilling the production targets within the available timelines. Further, allocation of resources, equipment maintenance so that they perform efficiently, and compliance with the industrial and COVID/ government guidelines is the need of the hour.

Industrial Diagnostics ensures correct maintenance, contributes to protecting the collateral damage, and, in most cases, limits the overall plant maintenance costs. Diagnostic Services play a crucial role at every step of the equipment operation – monitoring and capturing real-time data of the equipment, screening and detecting abnormalities diagnosing the root cause of the discrepancy, and prognosis to facilitate corrective measures to prevent the breakdown.

Monitoring implies instantaneous sensing of equipment data (vibrations, temperature, current, density, acoustics, etc.). Observing equipment 24 X 7, especially when the equipment is at inaccessible locations, is a challenge. Moreover, a minor variation or an impulse for a short period that is ignored may be an indicative source of severe damage to the equipment. Sometimes, such variations need to be studied to understand their cause and effect and interpret the degree of the impact.

Screening and diagnosing the root cause of the variation involves studying these deviations to find out if the fault has begun to develop quietly. These variances may act as a pointer for further machine fault diagnosis. The accuracy in screening and precision in the diagnosis encourages the arrangement of spares required during maintenance and repairs, the wrench time to coordinate with the skilled machinist, and reserve the human workforce.

Prognosis based on the earlier findings can predict failures likely to occur shortly and recommend servicing to avoid the breakdown and reduce the severity of the unexpected maintenance costs. It allows the equipment operator, maintenance personnel, and the manufacturer to be more attentive to discovering early signs and take retrofitting measures.

Infinite Uptime has set ahead of the future of machine reliability by offering Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS) with its Patented Vibration Monitoring System named Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) vEdge. The DaaS upgrades the existing Maintenance strategy and improvises the Uptime of the industrial assets by displaying its health index. The IDE vEdge monitors the rotating equipment and gathers streaming data, trends, and analyses. The waveforms and analytics seen on the dashboard can be observed on any mobile using an app or any electronic gadget.

The Auto-diagnostic feature on the dashboard focuses on reducing the customer’s analysis time. Infinite Uptime cares for the well-being of the machines. It enhances timely, cost-effective, and high-quality real-time monitoring of the equipment to transform your maintenance strategy from Preventive to Predictive.

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