The need for predictive maintenance in FMCG

FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) industry produces consumer products that are consumed at a faster rate. The FMCG products are recurring in demand. The demand for the products is fast-changing and the companies have to face many challenges.

The FMCG industry has low margins. There is a constant need for non-stop production and demand for maintaining a high quality of often perishable products. There is a short maintenance window between production runs. There is very little margin for error. There is no room for unplanned downtime. To meet the demands of customers, employees, and the business, the industries need a proactive approach. The industries need prediction and prevention of issues before interruptions or outages occur.

Predictive maintenance helps to determine the condition of running equipment. Predictive maintenance estimates the maintenance requirement and schedule.

In these unstable times, the FMCG industry can rely on predictive maintenance data analytics to improve the overall performance of the plant.

predictive maintenance in FMCG

Predictive maintenance involves remote monitoring of equipment to detect early signs of impending failures. Anomaly detection is a tool that registers the occurrence of an equipment anomaly. Needs, demands, and supplies are always changing in the FMCG industry.  The biggest challenge of the industry is to avoid a sudden breakdown in the production cycle and maintaining the equipment for optimum performance. 

Owing to the advancement of new technology, FMCG companies have opportunities to revamp their marketing and manufacturing. Predictive data analytics is now available at your fingertips. FMCG company can now be proactive than reactive while taking decisions and deciding actions.

One of the most effective ways to optimize efficiency at FMCG producing plants is to modernize the processes and systematize the workflows. Manufacturers need to minimize time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks, reduce material waste, and optimize the use of equipment by minimizing damage. Maintaining equipment is far cheaper than replacing one. So, don’t wait until it is damaged. 

An effective predictive maintenance program uses vibration monitoring and performance monitoring. The condition of the system, based on testing, allows you to perform to the specific needs of your equipment. You can detect Impending failure before it is too late and can repair in its early stages, and equipment is scheduled for proper maintenance without unexpected downtime. 

The best feature of predictive maintenance is 24x 7 remote monitoring. 

Remote monitoring 

With the help of remote monitoring, the companies can maximize resources with increased equipment efficiency that results in cost savings throughout the supply chain. It optimizes equipment function, extends uptime, and eliminates losses from downtime, one of the biggest threats to profitability.

How Remote Monitoring Works

  • IoT sensors are installed on the machine,
  • IoT sensors monitor machine operation and productivity.
  • Sends data to the AI platform/cloud. 
  • Data is available in real-time data on machine function at any time. 
  • Generates alerts whenever the machine is violating the threshold limits
  • Sends the alerts on mobile and emails

Benefits of remote monitoring

  • Increasing the safety of the workforce; as you can monitor equipment placed at hard to reach the location
  • Plant data is at the fingertips
  • Reducing costs of maintenance
  • Predicting machine or part failure
  • Reducing service calls
  • Improving equipment efficiency with true information 
  • 24×7 monitoring of a plant without physical intervention

The important equipment such as chillers, compressors, conveyors, crushers, mixers, freezers, packaging robots, tumblers, coating systems can be monitoring using predictive maintenance solution.

There are multiple solutions available for predictive maintenance in the market. Infinite Uptime is one of the best one-stop solutions for such smart predictive maintenance solution.

Infinite Uptime is a global industrial edge solution provider for mechanical predictive maintenance in the engineering and process industries.

Infinite Uptime’s Industrial Data Enabler (IDE), a patented edge-computing Vibration monitoring system for predictive analytics and maintenance remotely gathers tri-axial vibrations, noise, and temperature of any mechanical rotating equipment in real-time. It empowers the Maintenance team to monitor the machine uptime, reduce unplanned downtime, and combat impending equipment damage in advance. Moreover, the end-to-end solution with visual indicators ensures maximum machine-availability, decreased inventory of spares and maintenance costs, and complies with the guidelines on safety and physical distancing directed by the Government.  Not only does it help reduce maintenance fixed costs at a time, but it also enhances social distancing by allowing remote monitoring of a plant without physical intervention

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