Smart Spindle | The Solution to Spindle Vibrations and All Problems

We have earlier talked about smart motors and smart pumps, enabled through IIoT, but is it just those equipment or are there other possible machines or parts of the machine? The answer is YES. One such is Smart Spindle. Spindle is the rotating axis of the machines, and it faces spindle vibrations because of which it can breakdown, hence calling for regular spindle repair.

What is Smart Spindle you ask?

The smart spindle is nothing but IDE enabled spindle with predictive maintenance capacity that accounts for problem ratification and longer machine life. A SMART spindle is a normal spindle which incorporates smart and real-time sensors. These sensors monitor and inform the status of all the mentioned parameters and thus transforms a Normal Spindle into a “Smart Spindle”.

Why do you need Smart Spindles?

A Normal Spindle is the rotating axis of a machine. It ensures the optimized performance of the machine as a whole. Thus it is the most critical component of the machine and must be well maintained. Unfortunately, the typical health parameters for a normal spindle (which affects the overall operations of the equipment like the motor current, spindle RPM, vibrations of X-Y table, the rise in temperature of the spindle and bearing due to friction etc) cannot be monitored. Hence, a Normal Spindle must be converted into a SMART Spindle.

spindle vibrations

What are the problems faced by spindles?

Lack-of-Lubrication   Lack of Lubrication                           

Accidents-on-Machines  Accidents on Machines

End-of-Bearing-Life  End of Bearing Life                       

Bearing-wear-out  Bearing wear- out

Mechanical-Fatigue-Failure  Mechanical Fatigue Failure         

Spindle-Abuse-by-overloading  Spindle Abuse by overloading

Spindle-unbalance  Spindle unbalance, misalignment and looseness

How does IDE make a spindle smart?

Spindle vibrations are not uncommon, but once the IDE is installed on the Spindle, the user can set threshold limits by judging vibration trends for X, Y and Z axes. The limits can also be set according to ISO standards for the machine class. The Industrial Data Analytics Platform (IDAP) dashboard displays a warning if the vibrations on any axis exceed the Threshold2 limit and an alert if vibrations on any axis exceed the Threshold3 limit. A notification SMS and Email is then sent to the registered mobile number and email address.

The Threshold setting is displayed in different colours on the dashboard for better understanding by the user. The Min, Max and Average values of the vibration velocity in mm/s are also displayed on the dashboard and are colour coded for user-friendly accessibility.

How does it work?

The IDE is a patented, edge computing system with integrated sensors for tri-axial vibrations, temperature and acoustics (Noise). It has a strong magnet base to install on the spindle firmly and instantly. The tri-axial vibration sensor generates X, Y and Z axis vibration data, processes it through frequency spectrum analysis and sends it to the cloud. The Infinite Uptime cloud does FFT analysis on this data and gives an alert if any fault is detected in the analysis. Predictive alerts can help the machine tool user to schedule predictive maintenance activities, which in turn reduces the downtime of the machine. It also improves the quality of the product produced.

With this, your spindles remain immune to spindle vibrations and unplanned breakdowns.

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