Smart Pumps – The Dawn of Truly Smart Factories.

Every machine in the industry has its specific purpose but is vulnerable to faults and breakdowns, so is a pump. When things are running smoothly it is common to ignore daily maintenance. This is the genesis of equipment failure. Not all faults are stupendous, some start at a minuscule level and later build up to be of a catastrophic level. But not Smart Pumps, before we understand how, let us look at the most commonly faced problems of pumps –

Here are some of the most common faults noticed in pumps:

    Cavitation – As liquid pressure falls below its vapor pressure, bubbles form and implode of                              impellers and the interior surface, damaging pump internals, disrupting the flow and leading to                    seal failure.

  Leakage –  leaks caused by mechanical failures can be problematic. Early detection of abnormal                   conditions such as cavitations, pressure imbalance or too much vibration can help avoid                                   leakage.

  Excessive Vibrations – the amount of energy in a pumped fluid which flashes into vapor and                             collapses back into the liquid in the high-pressure areas of the impeller determines the amount                   of noise, vibration. Here you cannot just assume that the rotor is out of balance, there are                               many possible culprits. Machinery vibration problems result from the interaction between an                       exciting  force (hydraulic or mechanical) and the corresponding structural and hydraulic                                   resonance frequencies.

  Improper Installation – Improper installation can lead to shaft misalignment, excessive                                       vibration leading to pump breakdown.

  Restriction – Arising from the plugged suction strainer, loss of a level in the suction drum or                             even valve action, the restriction can lead to cavitation.

  High Temperature –  Blocked-in discharge can result in fluid stagnation, causing a spike in                                 temperature.

Navigating from these problems is nothing less than a herculean task. You need the right tools or the right pumps. Yes, the right pumps. Now, you may ask what are these right pumps.

Infinite Uptime, the patented, award-winning, global industrial IoT solutions provider has developed a method of making your pumps smart without taking it back to the drawing board. The introduction of Smart Pump Kit ™ in the market ensures that your smart pumps are guided by IDE (Industrial Data Enabler) and supported by IDAP (Industrial Data Analytics Platform).

In an overview, The IDE can perform analytics on coupling, DE and NDE of vibration, temperature, noise and FFT to deliver predictive maintenance.

Smart Pumps

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The IDE performs a thorough analysis and real-time efficiency monitoring. It monitors the real-time efficiency of the pump and generation of insights regarding drop in efficiency using the formulae

Smart Pump Technology

Where n is efficiency, Q is Flow, H is head, s.g is specific gravity.

It also measures the performance through the pump performance curve which is primarily used to predict the variation of the differential head across the pump, as the flow is changed.

The solution is industry-ready with it making a difference for major players in the market already. The large refinery of India wants to transform its manufacturing line into smart manufacturing as its operations require complex machinery and sophisticated processes. During the production, they faced the erratic failure of water pumps (Vertical pumps) which resulted into lower productivity. Thus, the company wanted to implement an IoT solution that helps in minimizing equipment fouling.

The IDEs installed detected anomalies in harmonics, a spike in temperature, and misalignment. This enabled the manufacturer to take the right steps in rectifying the problems and as a result, the company can now analyze and predict the faults in its motors, pumps, gearboxes, and couplings to better provide against undesirable machine health conditions such as unbalance, misalignment, and looseness.

A major role in this was played by FFT spectrum analysis. Infinite Uptime employs time and frequency domain predictive analytics techniques to high-frequency data sources such as triaxial vibrations and acoustic signals.

With the right maintenance system in place, you can be assured that your pumps will not only tackle breakdowns but also ensure you do not face any losses. Smart Pumps is the dawn of truly smart factories.                            

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