Root Cause Analysis – The Eisenstein Factor of Diagnostic Services

A recent survey conducted by Plant Maintenance Resource Centre confirms that there has been a 10X rise in the Root Cause Analysis carried by the Maintenance Professionals in an Industrial Plant. Further, the survey also reported that 60% of the industries used external consultants to assist with their Root Cause Analysis implementation.

Root Cause Analysis - The Eisenstein Factor of Diagnostic Services


For any engineering and processing industry, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an intensive process of investigating the source of the failure of equipment so that elimination of the cause ensures the consistent reliability and availability of the equipment. The analysis promotes accurate diagnosis and emphasizes the equipment, maintenance, and functioning rather than the operators. A thorough and sufficient study of the equipment data, including its function, operational guidelines, engineering parameters, technical specifications, complexity in design, and maintenance feedback, forms the Eisenstein factor of the equipment. Profound research that narrows the consideration of the data reduces the Eisenstein factor, and the lower is this factor higher is the accuracy in diagnosis. A team of professionals who work in proximity with the equipment realizes the daily maintenance routine and strives to minimize this critical factor. 

The primary objective of RCA is not to cover the symptoms shown by the equipment but to understand the reason for the misbehaviour, completely understand its source and diagnose the root of the problem. The secondary goal is to learn from the abnormality and suggest remedial measures to avoid its recurrence in the future. Diagnostic services embedded with an apt call to action are highly rated in the manufacturing industry when there are multiple possibilities for the cause of breakdown. Equipment data for a more extended period is to be considered for deep diving. An in-depth study of the manifestation helps to pinpoint the exact factor triggering the shutdown. 

For a metal industry, such an analysis provides insights into the Production line detecting the high rate of defective parts produced on the shop floor, information regarding the sharpening or replacement of a cutting tool etc. Investigating the root cause in a cement plant provides a microscopic and macroscopic dimension of vulnerabilities in maintenance, operations, and quality practices. Apart from enhancing the performance of the equipment and the safety of the workforce in a chemical plant, the assessment directs to the latest production losses, stops catastrophic incidents and offers a report of the causes of frequent equipment failures. Detailed examination of the blackout of real-time monitoring of equipment in a power plant presents an efficient scenario to justify warranty claims of the equipment. 

RCA facilitates the essential audit of failure and equips the Plant authorities with obligatory responses, but it is time-consuming, involves expert resources and is expensive. The observations in the analysis incorporated with rule-based programs assure diagnosis specific to the equipment. Earlier in the diagnosis, the higher the possibility of holding the discrepancy, and the more significant is the probability of preventing collateral damage and unplanned downtime. Consequently, RCA endorses Predictive Maintenance, and the Diagnostics help maintenance professionals make critical decisions impacting the equipment life and production targets. 

The innovative Diagnostic Services extended by Infinite Uptime include deploying a vibration monitoring sensor aptly named Industrial Data Enabler (IDE vEdge) based on rotating equipment. The palm-sized sensor captures instantaneous triaxial vibrations, acoustic signals and temperature, analyses and recommends executable measures by its AI-driven algorithm. The reliable diagnostics fosters corrective steps to prohibit unexpected stoppage of the equipment. The Service platform integrated with software developed by machine-learning digitizes industrial machines and safeguards your machines to operate correctly.

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