6 Reasons Why you Need Predictive Analytics Tools Today and Not in Hindsight.

Predictive Analytics Tools

A profitable company needs smooth functioning machinery and equipment. But how do you quantify smooth functioning? Is it the absence of breakdowns, perhaps not. Every machinery faces breakdown but, what if they could be predicted way before they occurred? That would mean prevention and not cure. This can save billions of dollars and it is now possible with IIoT powered predictive analytics tools.

At Infinite Uptime, we provide a solution for an uncompromised future. Here, the goal is to reach beyond the assumptions and have direct answers right in front of you, by providing the best and the complete evaluation of future breakdowns through our patented Industrial Data Enabler. The data collected by IDE is transferred to IDAP (Industrial Data Analytics Platform). This helps majorly with the improved productivity optimization, automated maintenance, capturing real-time equipment health data and enhanced machine learning.

Knowing future insights lets you deep dive and thoroughly understand the functioning of equipments and what might go wrong with it. IDE is not just a tool, but a solution. Assets cost a huge ounce of money, to get installed, maintain and function properly, if not taken care at the right time. Predictive tools are safe, secure and rather accurate as compared to Preventive tools, the accuracy level can not only save you downtime cost but also efforts and time.

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Unscheduled downtime by equipment failures and expensive maintenance can amount to great losses. Here is why you should invest in IU’s predictive analytics tool. –

1) Minimizing Breakdown Costs:

IDAP or Industrial Data Analytics Platform can help you save time and money with predicting future problems as it is capable of measuring tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics.It helps you monitor your

machines and equipment thereby preventing unplanned downtime, increasing productivity and minimizing breakdown maintenance costs.

2) Informative:

IDAP lets you characterize operations, efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment, the data on the IDAP provides you with a clear brief of 4 W’s in your machine i.e.

What– What is the problem with the machine.

Where– Which part of the machine is problematic,

Why– What is the reason behind the breakdown.

When– When is it going to breakdown and how long it can keep up.

3) Industry Certified:

With IP67 certification it designed and built for harsh environments in the industry. Not only is it rust-proof and corrosion-proof but can also withstand Temperature Range from -40° to 120°C.

4) Easy Operations:

IDE seamlessly plugs into IDAP and covers the entire range of platform solutions including system configuration parameter configuration, and alarm configuration via email and SMS. This helps the user to easily maneuver through the useful information.

5) Easy Setup:

IDE only requires tablet during installation, post installation it will work on a Wi-Fi connection.It has 3m long USB wire for connectivity and uses a 5V supply with calibration report provided as per ISO annually. In fact, a Powerful Magnet is provided for easy installation.

6) Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

The IDAP provides factory-wide OEE calculation and it is inclusive of all equipment – manufacturing equipment and critical utilities. It Identifies areas of OEE improvement for 5% Year-on-Year improvement.

A sea of corporations have been the beneficiaries of Infinite Uptime’s Predictive Analytics Tools. A manufacturer of sheet metal components achieved 45% OEE in stamping press shop in just 35 days.

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Make the most of Predictive Maintenance Tools today not in hindsight.

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