Motion Amplification – Trailing Phonons of Vibrations

Routine maintenance may be compromised when production targets are given priority over equipment health. Maintenance is scheduled based on the time and frequency analysis of data, which is vital to detect the anomalies in equipment. The quality and quantity of data captured by sensors influence the assessment of equipment health, and timely action can severely impact production downtime, maintenance costs, and casualties.

Though piezoelectric accelerometers measure vibrations, their sensitivity depends on the operational frequency of equipment. Hence, it is challenging to diagnose the variances in equipment operating at lower frequencies. Moreover, a few misconceptions associated with Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance, the traditional practice of collecting data offline, manual recording of the data using a conventional accelerometer, disfavour remote vibration monitoring.

Motion Amplification – Trailing Phonons of Vibrations

Transformation of existing maintenance strategy into Predictive Maintenance, with the implementation of a stimulating technique facilitating the visualization of the slightest motion of the operational equipment, amplifying it, understanding its components and their coherence, is called Motion Amplification. The breakup of vibrations into phonons provides visibility to the naked eyes and gives the flexibility to sense vibrations at any moment.   

Motion amplification is the interpretation of the captured vibration data into the displacement measured in microns. Displacement is the fundamental stress indicator for any rotating equipment, the most easily understood parameter in condition monitoring, and rarely used in vibration analysis.

A rule-based program to essentially translate every phonon (the minimal form of vibrational energy) gathered by the sensor into insightful data points in a matter of seconds is a boon to the Maintenance team and a blessing for the analysts. This diagnostic tool diagnoses common vibrational faults such as misalignment, imbalance, and looseness, etc.

Structural issues such as structural cracks, resonance, and soft foot can also be easily diagnosed with motion amplification. Further, the slackening of data notes minor but critical defects in mechanical seals, metal press applications, and pumps.  

A simple deployment of an efficient motion amplification system digitizes the equipment, tracks, and analyses the phonons, detects the discrepancy, and predicts the fault before impacting the equipment. The in-depth study of the results and reports of the analysis recommends remedial steps to prevent unexpected downtime and losses. The root cause analysis complements the diagnosis and supports corrective measures.

The methodology is most suitable in a hazardous environment or supervising inaccessible equipment. The slow crawling of the mechanical vibes enables dialogue between technical and management authorities directing apt and cost-effective decisions.

Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic services incorporate a Predictive Maintenance Solution supported with a Patented Vibration Monitoring System. The compact Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) vEdge with edge-computing technology collects the data in real-time, broadens the information gathered into the desired time-domain fostering visibility of the misbehaviour of the equipment.

The precise Observations, accurate and timely Diagnosis, and actionable Recommendations (ODR) with drill-down views on the Dashboard backed up with rule-based algorithms empower the users to execute suggestive activities. Thus, irrespective of the lifespan of the equipment, its function, and complexities in design, the IDE vEdge offers a streamlined phonon-sketch, available on PC, Laptop, mobiles, rewarding perceptive of the equipment.

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