Which Maintenance Strategy to adapt to make Asset Reliable?

Do you think your scheduled routine maintenance assures ZERO downtime? Are you sure you have ensured safety in the plant and also contented with your Maintenance budget? Are you confident about 24 X 7 production and reliability of equipment in the plant? If your answer to any of these is NO, it simply means that either you are not maintaining your critical mechanical rotating equipment when it is required or you are doubtful of maintenance strategy implemented. 

So, how will you be assured that maintenance is carried out properly? For worthy maintenance, the equipment-servicing professionals should visualize the degradation of every part and parcel of the machine. It may not always be possible for a maintenance professional to have historical knowledge of the equipment and understand the profile of its uniquely significant components. Furthermore, understanding the cost of failure of equipment can potentially facilitate decision-making in the plant. A graphical representation of the cost of equipment-maintenance to its condition helps to design maintenance strategies. 

Preventive or scheduled maintenance has long been the dominant maintenance strategy that focuses on regular physical inspection of equipment to reduce the possibility of its lower performance or failure. Though not all the equipment will be checked with the same frequency, maintenance involves cleaning, lubrication, oil changes, adjustments, repairs, inspecting and replacing parts, and partial or complete overhauls, which may be concerning labour and material cost and time consumption. All the measures taken to extend the lifespan of equipment are covered under the umbrella of this Maintenance. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, portable vibration measurement tools, accelerometers, cylinder monitors, leakage clamping meters are typically used to measure the desired parameters of the equipment. 

Predictive Maintenance or Condition Based Maintenance is based on the position and performance of equipment, estimated cost of its failure & cost of insights obtained from analytics. This  Industry 4.0 maintenance strategy is better-planned, allows the maintenance team to focus on creating equipment-value in the plant, reduces ownership costs and maximizes availability and uptime of equipment.  Implementation of advanced techniques such as the installation of Smart sensors, vibration analyzers, infra-red analyzers, Ultrasonic analysis, Thermography, oil analysis is vital in Predictive Maintenance. Monitoring equipment in real-time, preserving its history, maintaining an inventory of spares, analyzing the root cause of possible failure and reducing maintenance costs are key features of this Maintenance. 

Reactive or Breakdown maintenance emphasizes on resetting equipment to its normal operating mode. This maintenance can compromise workforce and equipment safety, lower production, increase  maintenance costs, and adversely affect the quality of the product. The repair and replacement of  customized equipment may invite additional issues. Furthermore, back-up equipment burdening the maintenance budget is necessary to ensure consistent operations in the plant. Finally, this maintenance consumes productive hours of the equipment and the employees as the employees are compelled to discontinue their planned operations and attend to the problem.

Maintenance Strategy

Asset Reliability

Money Saved is Money Earned 

It is evident from the graph that the cost of Predictive Maintenance is the lowest. In other words, major cost savings are possible with Predictive Maintenance. Infinite Uptime’s Industrial Data Enabler (IDE), a wireless Predictive Maintenance Solution captures vibrations, acoustics, and temperature in real-time. The plug and play, edge-computing tool provides insights on the dashboard and forecasts the failure of any rotating equipment thus potentially ensuring maximum uptime and transforming any traditional manufacturing unit into a DIGITAL factory. Read here –> Benefits of Edge Computing in Predictive maintenance  

Infinite Uptime provides an IoT platform that automates predictive maintenance for industrial machines, with an initial focus on the manufacturing, engineering and processing industry. Industrial Data Enabler is all in one industrial solution with hardware, cloud analytics and control software to monitor equipment. The IDE not only fills the gaps between the equipment data and insights for industries but also detects problems and drives smart decision making.

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