How to Increase Efficiency of Machines? Know about Machine Health Monitoring!

Can Efficiency of Machine be Increased?

Amongst all questions on how to optimize the production process, this is a prime one in any manager’s mind. The answer is actually simpler than you might think. The efficiency of machines in any industry depends on the healthy monitoring, which reduces the downtime, meaning the continuous productivity of the machinery.

Now, machine health monitoring depends on the method adopted. Initially, we had reactive maintenance, wherein measure was taken after the breakdown has occurred. Unplanned maintenance typically costs three to nine times more than planned maintenance. The cost of unplanned maintenance results in

Lost production

Higher costs for parts and shipping

Time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working.

Dependent machineries on the broken machinery in the process

Efficiency of Machines

Since then, we have moved over unplanned maintenance to preventive. Preventive maintenance is where measure are taken beforehand so that the chances of breakdown are minimised resulting in increased efficiency of machines. It is the maintenance that is regularly performed on any equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is simultaneously performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

Preventive Maintenance and Efficiency of Machines

Preventive maintenance is planned so that any required resources are made available. The maintenance is scheduled based on time or usage. It is similar to taking your car to a service station every 10,000 kms to ensure smooth running.

Preventive maintenance certainly has many benefits:

✅ Critical operations monitoring

✅ Have failure modes that can be prevented

✅ Regular health reports

✅ Inform about a possible breakdown

 For a long time preventive maintenance was considered as the pinnacle of technology in increasing the efficiency. However, with introduction of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a new method has arised.

Efficiency of Machines

This paradigm shift in maintenance is predictive maintenance. And it truly increases the efficiency of machines by multifolds. This is how

✅ Critical operations monitoring

✅ Have failure modes that can be prevented

✅ Regular health reports

✅ Inform about a possible breakdown

Predictive Maintenance is well suited for devices or equipment which perform critical functions or which have failure modes that can be cost-effectively predicted with help of periodic monitoring.

Infinite Uptime is the first and the only company to launch a hardware enable predictive solution, that calculates mechanical data to monitor machine health and helps in increasing efficiency of machines. IDE (Industrial data enabler) is a compact, portable, battery-operated handheld device for productivity optimization and automated predictive maintenance in the industry. Through IoT (Internet of Things), it detects anomalies and defects in real time through on-board LED indicators and warns an operator immediately. It can:

✅ Digitize and enable any machinery within a minute

✅ Detect Anomaly

  • Chatter, Tool Wear and Tool Failure
  • Bearing looseness, misalignment and eccentricity
  • Insulation failure and overheating
  • Improper clamping and imbalance
  • Visual on-board LED indication

✅ Never stops monitoring

✅ IP67 Certified

✅ Build to last in the harshest of the environments

Preventive maintenance is less complex to coordinate than predictive maintenance because monitoring strategies do not have to be planned nor the results interpreted. However with Infinite Uptime’s IDAP (industrial data analytics enabler) it is possible to get simple and tailored data that is most useful for you. The IDAP can perform:

Pattern Recognition

Annotate your data through pattern recognition technology.

  • Automated Part Counting
  • Downtime Characterization
  • Data driven productivity targets
  • Equipment loading condition detection
  • Setup and production time detection

✅ OEE Improvements

✅ Automated Failure mode detection

✅ Trend analysis

✅ ISO Reposting

✅ Multi – Sensor Functionality

The IDAP serves as a sophisticated data analytics platforms which interprets data from IDE. Obtaining and calculating high-frequency mechanical data is extremely hard, made possible and easily usable only with the IDE through its patented technology. Edge computing allows IDE to make sense of mechanical data in an easy and viable way. Edge computing being faster than cloud computing, shows real time high-frequency analytics.

There are many benefits associated with predictive maintenance when used as a maintenance strategy. As maintenance is performed when failure is likely to occur, there is high cost savings related to the production hours lost to maintenance, expenses related to parts and supplies and the time for the device to be fixed. Predictive maintenance can minimize reliability or quality issues. It can help in preventing expensive failures from occurring. Overstock can be reduced in inventory thanks to predictive maintenance.

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