How Legacy Equipment Works

Legacy machines are the equipment on a production line running for several decades that play a vital role in the manufacturing process. According to a 2015 study conducted by Cisco, 60% of the equipment on the manufacturing line (5 to 15 machines) are legacy, and 75% of traditional machinery age more than two decades. Though they still work well and do the job they were designed to do, detecting the existence of such machinery, capturing and analyzing their data to understand their health status is complicated. Moreover, finding substitute parts and experts who know how to repair these machines is also a challenge.

Legacy Equipment - Digitize Detect and Diagnose

The procurement of a new machine may be impractical and expensive for the manufacturer. In addition, in state-of-the-art modern infrastructure, digitizing legacy equipment is known to be a challenge. To reconcile these complexities, real-time monitoring of legacy equipment, figuring out when something may go out of order, and fixing it before the need for higher maintenance comes along as the utmost necessity. In other words, a Predictive Maintenance strategy is a lifeguard for conventional, customized, and legacy equipment.

The equipment fault detection is completed when the discrepancy between the actual equipment data and the manually collected data is avoided. A cost-effective vibration monitoring system bridges the gap between Industry 1.0 and 4.0. It consists of advanced engineering with a rich data stream from a sophisticated sensor, complemented with contemporary technology, connectivity to the cloud, and proven algorithms that instantly detect pre-existing operating conditions of the legacy equipment. The equipment is digitized when the data gathered is obtained in real-time for further analyses and is available anytime, anywhere.

A Predictive Maintenance strategy supplemented with a diagnostic approach to detect the root cause of irregularity in the equipment. It identifies the root cause of the discrepancy, recognizes the pattern consequently leading to malfunction, and suggests remedial actions avoids the breakdown of legacy equipment, thus ensuring consistent production.

Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic services integrated with a Predictive Maintenance Solution with a Patented Vibration Monitoring System is a complete end-to-end solution for manufacturing and processing industries. The system is a single piece of hardware that can be easily deployed on Stamping machines, CNC machines, lathes, presses, mills, assembly stations, etc. The edge-computing technology contextualizes collected streamlined data to enhance and improve the KPIs of the engaging operators and management officials.

The real-time visibility with precise Observations, accurate and timely Diagnosis, and actionable Recommendations (ODR) featured Dashboards with drill-down detail views of the traditional machinery enables the users to foresee and predict any possible malfunctions. Furthermore, the user-friendly approach supported with artificial intelligence algorithms optimizes for minimum user knowledge and experience. Irrespective of equipment age, its function, intricacies in design, and the reliable system provide the same insights into the equipment. It also shares the registered authorities at the comfort of their homes on the PC, Laptop, mobile, or other gadgets.

Infinite Uptime firmly trusts in universal integration and empowers the Service team to prioritize maintenance to detect, digitize and diagnose every ultra-modern and legacy equipment with the same serenity.

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