Machine Maintenance with Condition based Monitoring – A Reliable Strategy

Advancements in machine monitoring such as Condition based Monitoring have given smart approach to the maintenance of equipment. Recent developments in computing platforms such as edge computing, increased use of wireless communication technology, and most importantly, the inclination of end users toward predictive maintenance are driving factors of the growing market of the machine condition monitoring. According to Market Research, the machine condition monitoring market is estimated to grow from USD 2.38 Billion in 2018 to USD 3.50 Billion by 2024.

Condition Based Monitoring

In this article, We will learn about Infinite Uptime’s approach towards Condition based Monitoring. 

Human health condition is indicated by the pulse, temperature and blood pressure. Similarly, for a machine, vibrations are one of the parameters for assessing its condition. A machine continuously vibrates to some extent during any operation and thus this form of motion is easy to measure. Vibration measurements are a source of additional data through isolation of mechanical noise from electrical noise, improving the machine diagnostics. 

The machine health provides increased productivity, improved efficiency and maximizes uptime. You can either simply use the machine as long as possible, or repair at intervals regardless of the current condition or opt for predictive asset maintenance in real-time. 

What is Condition Based Monitoring? 

Condition based monitoring could be defined as an act of systematic data collection and interpretation of identity changes in the performance of the health of a system, or its components, such that restitutive action could be planned profitably to maintain reliability. It is used as a proactive error eradication strategy to avoid failure. 

How does it work?

Condition based monitoring improves reliability giving an extended mean time between failures and additional plant availability. Usually, the machines provide warnings by slowly wearing down, disturbing the output, a unit at a time. This is what is difficult for most of the maintenance system to detect. Thus, what may seem like a small deterioration may cost millions, especially in huge plants. 


  • It works while the machine is still in working condition and does not interrupt the equipment operation. 
  • It is a type of predictive asset maintenance that involves using sensors for real time condition monitoring. This technology ensures equipment reliability and creates a safe working environment.
  • It also reduces failure rates and unscheduled downtime while they work on. 

Vibration is a result of excitation or a forced function, and in case of CBM, it acts as a carrier of information. Vibration based condition monitoring determines the abnormal existence of vibration patterns measured from a direct reading from the casing of rotating equipment with an accelerometer. It plays a significant role in asset integrity management. The vibrations levels indicate the advanced wear of the machines and various other issues including machine coming loose, malfunctioning of the equipment, misalignment, gear vibrations, lubrication problems, etc. 

The first award-winning IoT enterprise, Infinite Uptime, delivers predictive condition based monitoring and maintenance through various parameters. The observation process of the equipment’s health is quite seamless with Infinite Uptime’s Industrial Data Enabler (IDE).   

What does IDE do?

IDE is a small handheld plug-n-play device that has the capacity of measuring the tri-axial frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics. It optimizes productivity and automates predictive maintenance in the industry. It detects looseness, misalignment, eccentricity or improper and imbalanced clamping in the machines and defects in real-time through visual LED indicators. IDE can be attached to any surface of the machines and immediately provides a mechanical data. 


  • Installation of IDE enables remote access to health and productivity data from the equipment through the internet from anywhere in the world. 
  • Concerns about the maintenance of critical rotating equipment and productivity monitoring are addressed. 
  • Provides user-friendly and secured access to the dashboard that organizes the data in a readable and analyzed manner.


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