Predictive Automotive Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance – Why it is Making News

Automotive Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

The penalty for breakdowns are heavy and hence knowing the possible failures are of superlative importance in automotive industries. When you build a car, you want it to be just perfect. Each and every aspect of it has to be precise so that when the ignition is turned on, it simply performs. All of this boils down to automotive manufacturing equipment maintenance. Let’s see how.

Today the customers demand the best quality from the manufacturers and in order to deliver that it is not just about how good a car, or any other automobile for that matter, you can build. It is also about how fast and how many. This takes the equation to a whole new level, wherein a lot of factors play an important role. The factors range from the size of the plant to the effectiveness of each machinery installed within it. The financial limitation may prove to be a roadblock to the size of the plant you have today, but the performance is not.

Enter Predictive Maintenance

Over the course of time, the machine maintenance industry has evolved tremendously. From repairing the breakdowns to sensing and predicting even the slightest possibility of failure, by measuring mechanical data.

In the past, we have elaborated the importance of predictive maintenance analytics. But is it relevant for the automotive industry today? Well, the answer is a Whopping YES! More than relevant it is important. For the value it brings to the table for automotive manufacturing equipment maintenance, it is hard to say no, let alone avoid. It is what makes your factory smart.

Predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques are designed to help determine the condition of operating equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach deploys the principles of statistical process control to predict at what point in the future will the maintenance activities be appropriate. Some predictive techniques are performed while equipment is in service, thereby minimizing disruption of normal system operations. Adoption leads to predictive maintenance cost savings.

This maintenance system puts a degree of control and quality management right in your hands. With Infinite Uptime’s IDE (Industrial Data Enabler), calculating your machine’s health is much easier. The IDE measures tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics. It is a compactly designed, portable handheld device that accounts for productivity optimization and automated predictive maintenance in the industry.

It is tailored to your needs and applicable on all rotating devices. It can:

  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Accurate prediction of impending failures
  • 24×7 continuous equipment monitoring
  • Easy on-site assessment of pumps, motors, bearings, and other rotating equipment
  • Mechanical predictive maintenance for reliability of all rotating equipment
  • FFT analytics for pinpointing the source of vibrations in any rotating equipment
  • Wireless remote continuous condition monitoring of all mechanical parameters of rotating equipment
  • Plug-and-play application for health monitoring that can be installed in 1 minute per equipment

With automotive manufacturing equipment maintenance in place, you can now focus on things that really matter, which is making cars.

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