Applied Industrial IoT in Manufacturing

Internet of things – IoT in manufacturing has quite really changed the landscape of the industry. It has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by enabling greater productivity. Manufacturing factories are now more connected, thanks to IoT powered communication between field engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Before we talk about the changes that Industrial IoT in manufacturing has caused, here is IIoT by the numbers.             IoT in manufacturing

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IIoT is clearly shaping the landscape of the manufacturing industry and yet has a huge potential to grow. Here is a major difference that IIoT is making in the industry with the way machines perform and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Predictive maintenance is now possible with IIoT in action. Predictive is a revolutionary method of maintenance designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict possible failures so that necessary actions are performed beforehand. This results in fewer breakdowns, low downtime cost and stable performance all across the process.

This is a big change in the currently followed system of preventive or corrective maintenance. Though preventive maintenance allows you to act on the breakdowns almost immediately, the response time is quite low, leading to loss of a certain degree. On the other hand, with corrective maintenance,  actions are only taken after the damage is done. Apart from the on-ground hassles, the health of the machine takes a hit, thereby deteriorating its life and impacting the production.

Machine Health Monitoring

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Once a machinery faces repairs after damage, generally, it cannot recover to its original state. Here, as predictive maintenance notifies about any possible damage well in advanced, and actions can be taken with ease and also it is possible to ensure that the machine does not face further breakdowns.

Here is an example of how IoT enabled predictive maintenance helped save 2 million dollars in 48 hours with Infinite Uptime –

A diversified conglomerate paper manufacturing company in India faced gearbox failure which resulted in unreliable product quality and unexpected line stoppages.

The IDEs (Industrial Data Enablers) were installed on the gearbox which helped in the prediction of breakdown with the help of IDAP (Industrial Data Analytics Platform) in which it also displayed the breakdown condition in FFT spectrum.

FFT Spectrum

  • IDE detected quite irregular FFT spectrum for the Z axis for the gearbox.
  • The IDAP displayed anomalous harmonics in the 2x and 3x regions (first even and first odd harmonics) and unusually high 1x –indicating the onset of misalignment.
  • Huge peak in the frequency spectrum for the dominant frequency indicating a very clear misalignment and immediate need for dynamic balancing.
  • Dynamic balancing of the system resolved the issue and erratic breakdowns were eliminated.
    IoT in manufacturing

IoT in manufacturing is truly shaping the industry in terms of improving the inter-connectivity and therefore making smart factories.

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