Infinite Uptime provides an all in one industrial solution with hardware, cloud analytics and control software to monitor equipment, diagnose problems and drive smart decision making.

Big Data Analytics for Industrial Applications

Our pattern recognition and predictive analytics technology provides improved productivity and quality, real-time machine monitoring and automated condition-based maintenance.

Real-Time Machine Health Monitoring

Our product uses on-board LED indications, which communicate the real-time machine safety conditions for operators and factory managers. Safe machines make for a safe workplace.


  • Plug-and-play OEE solution
  • Automated pattern recognition to identify setup, downtime and production states
  • Automated productivity estimation without human intervention
  • No data manipulation, let the machine speak directly
  • No PLC integration, scalable solution to digitize presses, stamping machines and forging equipment
  • Go paperless

Test Rigs

  • Velocity measurement in X, Y and Z axes
  • Temperature measurement
  • Acoustic level (dB) measurement
  • Portable NVH testing
  • Easy on-site assessment of pumps, motors, bearings and other rotating equipment

Rotating Equipment

  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Accurate prediction of impending failures
  • 24x7 continuous equipment monitoring
  • Let machines take care of themselves