Industrial Data Analytics Platform

Pattern Recognition

Uses pattern recognition technology to annotate your data

  • Automated part counting
  • Downtime characterization
  • Data - driven productivity targets
  • Equipment loading condition detection
  • Setup and production time detection

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Factory-wide OEE calculation
  • Supplier OEE calculation
  • OEE inclusive of all equipment – manufacturing equipment and critical utilities
  • Identify areas of OEE improvement for 5% Year-on-Year improvement
  • Gamification of productivity and OEE


Automated Failure Mode Detection

Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies and ensure asset reliability

  • Chatter, tool wear and tool breakage detection
  • Collision detection
  • Eccentricity, waviness and bearing wear-out (inner and outer raceway) detection
  • Motor imbalance detection
  • Overheat and anomaly detection


Trend Analysis

Use big data to identify productivity trends and areas for improvements

  • Machine-wise productivity
  • Tool-wise productivity
  • Shift-wise productivity
  • Losses and loss analysis
  • Identification of areas of improvement
  • Data-driven benchmarking
ISO Reporting

Integrated tools for ISO compliance

  • Productivity / OEE reports
  • Monitoring / quality reports
  • Alarm / Downtime reports
  • Cycle time variability reports
  • Equipment condition history reports
Multi-sensor Functionality

Monitor multiple data sources on the same machine

  • Monitor multiple tools in a CNC machine
  • Controller data extraction software with integration
  • Integrate data from IDE with other sensors such as long-distance temperature, energy (current, voltage & power factor), flow rate and pressure
  • Infinite Uptime’s IoT LED tower indicator can also be integrated for a full-fledged solution