OEE Improvement : Know how to use it right to improve productivity & quality in manufacturing

Unlocking your machine’s potential is often on the mind. When you think about oee improvement, question arises, what exactly is the reason for low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)? It is not the absence of action, it is actually the absence of information. However, Industrial IoT enabled industry 4.0 has made available the critical information we never had earlier. This information is in many forms, for example, machine health monitoring through calculating mechanical data.

Calculating mechanical data is perhaps one of the most difficult, but it is possible with the Industrial Data Enabler(IDE). The IIoT powered hardware device from Infinite Uptime delivers machine (health) monitoring with edge computing. This allows to understand exactly when a machine is tentative to break down or incur a damage. When this information is available, it is possible to take measures beforehand, meaning valuable action.

OEE depends on 3 factors i.e. Information, Decision, Action (IDA).

oee improvement

  • Information: Information is the foundation and starting point of IDA. Concrete information (i.e., accurate, relevant, and easy-to-use) is a precondition for effective decision making.
  • Decision: Decisions are the pivot between Information and Action. It is the moment in time when Information is reviewed and a course of Action is decided.
  • Action: Action is where theoretical possibilities are transformed into tangible progress; and furthermore transformed into results

IDA is simple and universal. Three factors are multiplied together to get the answer.


Now, machine health monitoring can tremendously increase the OEE through predictive maintenance. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) techniques are designed to help determine the condition of operating equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed.

Let’s take an example, when predictive maintenance detects anomalies-

Information – Identification and prediction of faulty equipment acoustic, temperature and vibration monitoring of pumps and motors.

Decision – Faulty motors can be used for another month and then to be changed.

Action – Essential repair to be done on the day to maintain the productivity and purchase of new equipment within the next 8 days.

Predictive maintenance in short leads to reduced downtime and increased OEE improvement. Infinite’s IDE delivers real time machine monitoring. Your machines and sensor data are recorded and displayed in real time, providing the basis for real-time condition monitoring, through calculating mechanical data. Data visualization is not restricted to the control station and will be available on any devices. The data gathered will be on the premises or in the cloud and accessed by predetermined people, including experts and technicians.

True OEE improvement is made possible with Infinite Uptime. The list of beneficiaries are a testament to that.

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